Discover the Power of Saving: How to Find a Cheap Wedding Dress

Planning a wedding can be an expensive endeavor, and finding the perfect wedding dress is no exception. But the good news is that you don’t have to break the bank to look stunning on your big day. With a little creativity and a willingness to shop around, you can find a cheap wedding dress that will make you feel like a million bucks.

One way to save money on your wedding dress is to shop during the off-season. Many bridal shops offer discounts during the slower months, which can save you a significant amount of money. You can also consider looking for affordable wedding dresses online. There are many online retailers that offer beautiful dresses at a fraction of the cost of traditional bridal shops.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also try thrifting your way to an affordable dress. Many second-hand stores have a section dedicated to wedding dresses, and you may be surprised at what you can find. Another option is to check out sample sales for designer dresses on a budget. And if you’re not set on owning your dress, renting a dress for your big day can also be a cost-effective option.

Remember, finding a cheap wedding dress doesn’t mean sacrificing style or quality. With a little bit of research and some creativity, you can find a dress that makes you look and feel amazing on your wedding day.

Ready to start your search for the perfect dress? Keep reading for our top tips on how to find a cheap wedding dress that fits your style and budget.

Shop During the Off-Season for Discounts

Wedding dresses can be expensive, but there are ways to save money without sacrificing style. One great way to find a cheap wedding dress is to shop during the off-season. Wedding season typically runs from late spring to early fall, so consider shopping during the winter months. Not only will you have more options to choose from, but you may also be able to find a dress at a discounted price.

Another great option is to look for sample sales at bridal boutiques. These sales typically happen during the off-season and can offer significant discounts on designer dresses. It’s also a good idea to check out consignment shops, where you can find pre-owned wedding dresses in excellent condition.

Look for Online Sales and Discounts

The internet is a treasure trove of deals and discounts, and wedding dresses are no exception. Many bridal retailers offer online sales and discounts, so make sure to check their websites regularly. You can also sign up for their email newsletters to stay informed about upcoming sales and promotions.

Additionally, there are several online marketplaces where you can find pre-owned wedding dresses, such as Stillwhite and These websites offer dresses at a fraction of the cost of a new dress and are a great option if you’re on a tight budget.

Consider Alterations and Customizations

If you find a dress that you love but it’s out of your price range, consider getting alterations or customizations done. A skilled seamstress can make simple modifications, such as hemming or taking in the waist, to make the dress fit you perfectly. You can also add custom touches, such as beading or lace, to make the dress unique to you.

Another option is to purchase a simple dress and add accessories to dress it up. A beautiful veil, jewelry, and shoes can take a simple dress to the next level and create a stunning bridal look.

Don’t Forget About Department Stores and Online Retailers

While bridal boutiques are the go-to for many brides, don’t forget about department stores and online retailers. These retailers offer a wide range of dresses at various price points, and you may be able to find a beautiful dress that fits your budget. It’s also a good idea to check out online retailers such as Amazon and ASOS, which offer affordable wedding dresses and have easy return policies.

With a little creativity and flexibility, you can find a cheap wedding dress that is beautiful and fits your budget. Happy shopping!

Explore Online Retailers for Hidden Gems

Don’t limit yourself to just brick and mortar bridal shops when searching for the perfect wedding dress. Online retailers offer a wide selection of dresses at competitive prices. With a little research and patience, you can find a stunning dress that fits your budget. Shopping online also allows you to browse different styles and compare prices from the comfort of your own home.

Here are some tips for finding hidden gems online:

Check Out Non-Traditional Retailers

While many traditional bridal shops have an online presence, there are also non-traditional retailers that offer beautiful wedding dresses. Look for online boutiques or even department stores that carry bridal gowns. These retailers may have unique styles that you won’t find in a traditional bridal shop.

Read Reviews Carefully

Before making a purchase from an online retailer, make sure to read reviews from other customers. Look for reviews that include photos of the dress, so you can see how it looks in real life. Be cautious of reviews that seem fake or overly positive, as they may be planted by the retailer.

Consider Buying Pre-Owned

Buying a pre-owned wedding dress is a great way to save money and find a unique gown. There are many online retailers that specialize in pre-owned wedding dresses, such as Stillwhite and Nearly Newlywed. These dresses are often in great condition and can be significantly cheaper than buying new.

  • Don’t be afraid to negotiate the price with the seller, especially if the dress has been listed for a while.
  • Make sure to ask for detailed photos and information about any damage or alterations.

Exploring online retailers is a great way to find a hidden gem and save money on your wedding dress. Take the time to do your research and consider all of your options before making a purchase.

Thrift Your Way to an Affordable Dress

Looking for a stylish dress for a special occasion but don’t want to break the bank? Thrift stores might just be your new go-to. Not only are they affordable, but they also offer a unique shopping experience that can’t be found in traditional retail stores. Here are some tips to help you thrift your way to an affordable dress:

Firstly, don’t be afraid to dig through the racks. Thrift stores can be overwhelming at first, but the gems are often hidden in the midst of the chaos. Secondly, keep an open mind. You might not find exactly what you’re looking for, but you might find something even better. Lastly, be patient. Thrifting is a treasure hunt, and sometimes it takes time to find what you’re looking for.

Check for Quality and Condition

  • Inspect the dress for any stains, rips, or tears.
  • Check the seams and make sure they’re intact.
  • Look for any missing buttons or broken zippers.

Try It On

Don’t be afraid to try on dresses even if they look a bit too big or too small. Sizing can vary greatly between brands, so always try before you buy. Plus, you can always alter a dress to make it fit better.


  • Consider adding a belt to cinch in the waist of a loose-fitting dress.
  • Pair your dress with statement jewelry or a cute clutch to add some personality to your outfit.
  • Don’t forget about shoes! Thrift stores often have a great selection of gently-used shoes at affordable prices.

Thrift shopping is a great way to find unique and affordable dresses. With a little patience and an open mind, you’ll be sure to find a dress that makes you feel confident and beautiful.

Check Out Sample Sales for Designer Dresses on a Budget

If you’re looking for a designer dress on a budget, don’t overlook sample sales. Sample sales are events where designers sell off samples and overstock at discounted prices. These events can be a treasure trove for finding a designer dress at a fraction of its original price.

It’s important to note that sample sales are often advertised through social media or newsletters, so be sure to follow your favorite designers or stores and sign up for their mailing list. It’s also essential to arrive early, as items tend to sell out quickly.

What to Expect at a Sample Sale

  • Discounts of up to 70% off retail price
  • Overstock and samples available in limited sizes and styles
  • No returns or exchanges

Where to Find Sample Sales

You can find sample sales in various cities, especially in fashion capitals like New York and Los Angeles. Some designers and stores also hold sample sales online, so be sure to check their websites or social media pages for updates.

Tips for Shopping at Sample Sales

  • Arrive early for the best selection
  • Try on items before purchasing
  • Inspect items carefully for any damage or flaws
  • Be prepared to wait in line and deal with crowds
  • Bring cash and a credit card, as some sales may not accept all forms of payment

Don’t let a limited budget stop you from wearing a designer dress. By checking out sample sales and being prepared to do some digging, you may just find the perfect dress at an unbeatable price.

Consider Renting a Dress for Your Big Day

Weddings can be expensive, and finding the perfect dress for your big day can take a significant chunk out of your budget. However, there’s a solution that more and more brides are turning to: renting a dress.

Renting a dress is an affordable way to wear a stunning designer dress without the high price tag. Here are some reasons why renting a dress might be the perfect choice for your wedding day.

Cost Savings

  • Wedding dresses are notoriously expensive, with the average cost ranging from $1,000 to $2,000 or more. By renting a dress, you can save a significant amount of money, with prices starting as low as $50.
  • When you rent a dress, you don’t have to worry about the cost of alterations, which can add hundreds of dollars to the cost of a new dress. Most rental companies offer dresses in a range of sizes, so you can find a dress that fits you perfectly without having to make alterations.


  • Renting a dress is a convenient option for busy brides. Most rental companies offer online ordering and delivery, so you can try on dresses in the comfort of your own home.
  • Additionally, you don’t have to worry about storing or preserving your dress after the wedding. Simply return the dress to the rental company and let them take care of the rest.


  • When you rent a dress, you have access to a wide variety of styles and designers that you might not be able to afford otherwise. This means that you can find the perfect dress for your wedding day, whether you’re looking for something traditional, modern, or unique.
  • Some rental companies even offer the option to rent accessories like veils and jewelry, so you can complete your bridal look without breaking the bank.

Overall, renting a dress is a smart choice for any bride who wants to look beautiful on her wedding day without overspending. Consider renting a dress and take the stress out of wedding dress shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a cheap wedding dress?

If you’re looking for a cheap wedding dress, start by checking out discount bridal stores, sample sales, and online retailers. Don’t forget to browse secondhand shops and consignment stores, where you can often find designer dresses for a fraction of the original cost. Another option is to rent a dress instead of buying one.

What are some tips for finding an affordable wedding dress?

Start your search early and be open-minded about styles and designers. Keep an eye out for sales and discounts, and consider buying a dress that’s off-season or from a previous year’s collection. Look for dresses with simple designs, fewer embellishments, and made from less expensive materials. Also, be willing to negotiate the price with the seller.

Can I get a designer wedding dress for a cheap price?

Yes, you can find designer wedding dresses for a discounted price by checking out sample sales, clearance events, and online marketplaces. You can also look for preowned dresses from previous brides who are selling their dresses at a lower price. Just make sure to check the dress’s condition before purchasing.

Is it a good idea to rent a wedding dress?

Renting a wedding dress can be a great option if you’re on a tight budget or don’t want to keep the dress after the wedding. Renting allows you to wear a designer dress without the high cost and hassle of owning one. However, keep in mind that you won’t be able to make alterations to the dress and may have to pay additional fees for damage or cleaning.

How can I make sure the dress fits me if I buy online?

When buying a wedding dress online, it’s important to take your measurements carefully and compare them to the seller’s size chart. You can also contact the seller for additional sizing information or photos. If the dress arrives and doesn’t fit, some online retailers offer free returns or exchanges.

What should I do with my wedding dress after the wedding?

After the wedding, you can choose to keep your dress as a memento or donate it to a charity or organization that accepts wedding dress donations. You can also consider selling the dress online or through a consignment store. Make sure to have the dress professionally cleaned and preserved if you plan on keeping it.

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