Everything You Need to Know About Drive Thru Weddings

With the current global pandemic, couples are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to get married. One trend that has emerged in recent times is the drive thru wedding. Couples are now able to tie the knot in a unique and safe way. But what is a drive thru wedding, and how does it work?

Drive thru weddings are a quick and convenient way to get married. They allow couples to exchange vows and rings without leaving their vehicle. It’s a perfect option for those who want a simple and hassle-free wedding ceremony. Some couples even opt for themed drive thru weddings to make it a more memorable experience.

Are you intrigued by the idea of a drive thru wedding? In this article, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about drive thru weddings. From how they work to the legal requirements, and even some unique ideas to make your drive thru wedding extra special.

Get ready to discover the world of drive thru weddings and all it has to offer. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know to plan your very own drive thru wedding.

How Drive Thru Weddings Work

Drive thru weddings are a convenient and unique way to tie the knot without having to leave your car. Couples can exchange their vows and rings while remaining seated in their vehicle. One of the benefits of a drive thru wedding is that they are quick and easy to organize, making them ideal for couples who want to get married without any hassle.

Before the ceremony, couples must obtain a marriage license and complete any necessary paperwork. Once the paperwork is in order, they can drive up to the designated wedding location and exchange their vows. Some drive thru weddings also include a photographer to capture the special moment.

During the ceremony, couples typically remain seated in their vehicle while the officiant performs the wedding. The couple may exchange vows and rings through the window of the car or via a drive-thru drawer. Some couples even decorate their car to make the experience even more memorable.

Once the ceremony is complete, the couple can drive away and start their new life together. Some drive thru wedding venues also offer reception packages, allowing couples to celebrate their marriage with family and friends in a separate area. Overall, drive thru weddings offer a unique and hassle-free way to get married that is perfect for couples who are looking for something different.

Step-by-Step Guide to a Drive Thru Wedding

  1. Choose the venue: First, you need to select the drive thru wedding venue that suits your needs and budget. You can check the reviews and ratings online before making the final decision.

  2. Book your slot: Once you’ve chosen the venue, book your time slot in advance to avoid any last-minute hassle. Make sure to confirm the date and time before booking.

  3. Get your marriage license: It’s crucial to obtain a valid marriage license before the wedding ceremony. You can obtain the license from the county clerk’s office or courthouse.

  4. Personalize your ceremony: Even though a drive thru wedding is a simple and quick ceremony, you can still personalize it according to your preferences. Choose your favorite music, decorations, and attire to make it a memorable experience.

  5. Exchange vows and rings: During the ceremony, exchange your wedding vows and rings. The officiant will guide you through the process and pronounce you as married couple once you’ve completed the ceremony.

If you’re looking for a hassle-free and budget-friendly way to tie the knot, a drive thru wedding might be an excellent option for you. With the above step-by-step guide, you can plan a perfect ceremony and make it a memorable experience for both you and your partner.

What to Expect During a Drive Thru Wedding

Drive thru weddings are designed to be quick and convenient, but that doesn’t mean they lack romance or intimacy. Here are a few things to expect during your drive thru wedding:

  1. Personal Touches: Many couples add personal touches to their drive thru wedding to make it unique and special. This can include decorations, music, and even costumes.
  2. The Ceremony: The ceremony itself is often short and sweet, lasting only a few minutes. However, it can still be very meaningful and emotional.
  3. The Vows: Couples can still exchange vows during a drive thru wedding. Some couples write their own vows while others stick to traditional vows.
  4. The Rings: Couples can still exchange rings during a drive thru wedding. This can be done by passing them through the car window or by having an attendant deliver them.
  5. The Photos: Many drive thru wedding venues offer photo packages to capture the special day. Some couples also choose to have a professional photographer take photos during the ceremony.

Overall, a drive thru wedding is a unique and memorable way to tie the knot. It allows couples to exchange vows in a convenient and safe way, while still creating a meaningful and romantic experience. So why not give it a try?

Customizing Your Drive Thru Wedding Experience

While drive thru weddings may seem like a simple and straightforward option, couples can still customize their experience to make it more personal and memorable. Here are some ideas to make your drive thru wedding stand out:

  • Decorations: Add some decorations to your car or the drive thru site to create a festive atmosphere.
  • Music: Choose your favorite songs to play during the ceremony or have a live musician perform outside the car.
  • Clothing: While a wedding dress and suit may not be practical for a drive thru wedding, couples can still dress up and wear something special.
  • Food and drinks: Pack some snacks and drinks for the ride or arrange for a meal or champagne toast at the drive thru site.
  • Guests: Invite a small group of family and friends to join you in the car or outside the drive thru site.

By incorporating these personalized touches, couples can make their drive thru wedding unique and unforgettable. Whether you choose to keep it simple or go all out, a drive thru wedding can be a special way to celebrate your love.

Pros and Cons of Drive Thru Weddings

If you’re considering a drive thru wedding, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons to determine if it’s the right choice for you. One of the biggest pros of a drive thru wedding is the convenience factor. You can get married quickly without having to plan a big ceremony or reception. It’s also more affordable than a traditional wedding.

However, there are some cons to consider as well. One of the biggest drawbacks is the lack of personalization. You may not be able to choose your own decorations or customize your ceremony as much as you would with a traditional wedding. Additionally, you might miss out on some of the sentimental moments of a traditional wedding, like walking down the aisle with your father.

Another potential con is the lack of privacy. With a drive thru wedding, you may have strangers or onlookers watching your ceremony from a distance. Finally, some couples might not feel like a drive thru wedding is as special or romantic as a traditional wedding, which can be a dealbreaker for some.

The Advantages of a Drive Thru Wedding

Convenient: One of the biggest advantages of a drive thru wedding is its convenience. You can get married without leaving your car, which can be especially helpful if you have mobility issues or if you’re running short on time.

Cost-effective: Drive thru weddings can be a cost-effective alternative to traditional weddings. With a drive thru wedding, you can save on venue fees, catering, and other wedding-related expenses.

Unique experience: A drive thru wedding can be a unique and memorable experience for you and your guests. It’s not every day that you get to say “I do” from the comfort of your car, and the novelty of the experience can make your wedding day all the more special.

Drive Thru Wedding Venues

Many Locations: One of the great things about drive thru weddings is that they can be held virtually anywhere. From chapels to amusement parks, to hotels, to parking lots, the possibilities are endless.

Customizable: Drive thru wedding venues can often be customized to fit your personal taste and style. Couples can decorate their cars, choose their own music, and even incorporate themes into their ceremony.

Convenient: Drive thru weddings are convenient for both the couple and their guests. With no need for a large gathering, guests can simply drive up, witness the ceremony from the safety and comfort of their own vehicle, and then drive off.

Popular Drive Thru Wedding Venues in the US

  • Las Vegas – Known as the Wedding Capital of the World, Las Vegas offers plenty of drive-thru wedding venues that cater to all budgets. The Graceland Wedding Chapel and A Little White Wedding Chapel are two of the most popular choices for couples who want to get married without leaving their car.

  • Los Angeles – LA is not far behind when it comes to drive-thru wedding venues. The Little Vegas Chapel in Downtown LA and the Garden of Love Chapel in Hollywood are two great options for couples who want to exchange their vows without stepping out of their vehicle.

  • New Orleans – The Big Easy may be famous for its jazz music and Mardi Gras celebrations, but it also has some fantastic drive-thru wedding venues. The French Quarter Wedding Chapel and the Crescent City Wedding Chapel are two of the most popular ones. Both venues offer a variety of packages that include everything from a wedding officiant to a bouquet of flowers.

  • Orlando – If you want to tie the knot in a magical setting, then Orlando is the perfect destination for you. The Chapel of Love and the Little White Chapel are two of the best drive-thru wedding venues in the city. They both offer a range of wedding packages that can be customized to fit your needs.

  • Honolulu – Hawaii may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of drive-thru wedding venues, but Honolulu has some great options. The Elvis Wedding Chapel and the Island Weddings are two venues that offer drive-thru weddings. The latter is located on the beach and provides stunning views of the ocean.

  • Drive-thru weddings are a great option for couples who want to get married quickly or do not want to spend a lot of money on a traditional wedding. They are also a fantastic way to have a unique and memorable wedding experience.

Cost of a Drive Thru Wedding

Getting married is an important milestone in life, but it can also be expensive. If you’re looking for an affordable option, a drive-thru wedding might be just what you need. Cost is often a major factor for couples, and with a drive-thru wedding, you can save a lot of money. Vegas drive-thru weddings are some of the most popular and affordable options, with packages starting at just a few hundred dollars.

Of course, the cost of a drive-thru wedding will depend on a variety of factors, including location, services, and package inclusions. Other popular drive-thru wedding destinations include places like California, Florida, and New York. The cost of a drive-thru wedding in these locations can vary, but generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

One thing to keep in mind is that while a drive-thru wedding may be more affordable, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be less special. Many drive-thru wedding venues offer a range of packages that include photography, music, and even flowers. So, even if you’re on a tight budget, you can still have a beautiful and memorable wedding day. Drive-thru weddings are also a great option for couples who want a more casual and laid-back ceremony.

Another factor to consider is that a drive-thru wedding can also save you time and stress. Traditional weddings can be quite time-consuming and stressful to plan, but a drive-thru wedding can be much simpler and more streamlined. Plus, you won’t have to worry about finding a venue, decorating it, or catering to guests. Drive-thru wedding packages typically include everything you need for a quick and easy ceremony.

What Influences the Cost of a Drive Thru Wedding

Planning a drive thru wedding can be an affordable and convenient way to tie the knot. However, the cost of a drive thru wedding can vary depending on several factors.

Location is one of the biggest factors that can influence the cost of a drive thru wedding. Venues in high-demand tourist areas, for example, are likely to be more expensive than those in less popular areas. It’s also important to note that certain states and counties may have specific requirements that can affect the overall cost.

Package Inclusions are another factor that can influence the cost of a drive thru wedding. Packages can include anything from the officiant to photography and even floral arrangements. Couples should carefully review what is included in each package to determine if it fits their needs and budget.

Time and Day of the Week can also affect the cost of a drive thru wedding. Some venues may charge less for weddings that take place during off-peak hours or on weekdays. Couples should inquire about any discounts that may be available for their preferred date and time.

  • Additional Services such as music, catering, and transportation can also add to the overall cost of a drive thru wedding.
  • Guest Count is another important factor to consider. While drive thru weddings can be more affordable, couples should still consider the cost per guest when planning their budget.
  • Season can also influence the cost of a drive thru wedding. Summer and spring weddings may be more expensive due to higher demand, while fall and winter weddings may have more affordable rates.
  • Customizations such as special themes or decor can also add to the cost of a drive thru wedding. Couples should determine what customizations are available and decide which ones they want to include in their wedding package.
  • Preferred Officiant can also affect the overall cost. Some couples may prefer a specific officiant or require an officiant of a specific religion, which can add to the cost.

Understanding the factors that influence the cost of a drive thru wedding can help couples plan a budget-friendly and memorable wedding day. Couples should carefully consider each of these factors to determine what will work best for their budget and wedding vision.

Comparing the Cost of a Drive Thru Wedding to a Traditional Wedding

When it comes to wedding planning, one of the biggest factors to consider is the cost. It’s no secret that traditional weddings can be very expensive. But what about drive-thru weddings? Let’s compare the two and see how they stack up in terms of cost.

Firstly, one of the biggest advantages of a drive-thru wedding is that it is typically much cheaper than a traditional wedding. With a traditional wedding, you have to factor in costs such as venue rental, catering, and decorations, among other things. These costs can quickly add up, and it’s not uncommon for couples to spend tens of thousands of dollars on their big day.

Secondly, with a drive-thru wedding, you can often get everything you need for a fraction of the cost. Many drive-thru wedding venues offer affordable packages that include things like flowers, music, and photography. This means that you can still have a beautiful and memorable wedding day without breaking the bank.

Finally, it’s important to keep in mind that the cost of a traditional wedding can vary greatly depending on the location and the specific vendors you choose. For example, a wedding in a major city is likely to be more expensive than one in a rural area. Similarly, some vendors may be more expensive than others, depending on their reputation and the quality of their services.

Overall, while a traditional wedding can be a beautiful and memorable experience, it’s also important to consider the costs involved. If you’re looking to save money without sacrificing the romance and magic of your big day, a drive-thru wedding may be just the ticket.

Legal Requirements for a Drive Thru Wedding

Getting married at a drive thru wedding venue is a unique and convenient way to tie the knot, but there are still legal requirements that must be met. Marriage license is one of the most important legal requirements for a drive thru wedding. The couple must obtain a valid marriage license before the wedding ceremony can take place.

Another legal requirement for a drive thru wedding is that the ceremony must be conducted by an ordained minister or an authorized officiant. In addition, the couple and their witnesses must sign the marriage license to make the marriage legal and valid.

It’s also important to note that different states have different legal requirements for getting married. For example, some states may require blood tests or have waiting periods before the wedding can take place. Therefore, couples should check with the local county clerk’s office or the wedding venue to ensure they meet all the legal requirements before their drive thru wedding ceremony.

In addition to the above legal requirements, there are other factors that couples may want to consider, such as prenuptial agreements and name changes. While these are not legal requirements for a drive thru wedding, they are important legal considerations that may affect the couple’s marriage in the future.

Overall, while drive thru weddings may seem less formal, the legal requirements are still the same as traditional weddings. It’s important for couples to understand these requirements and ensure they are met to avoid any legal issues in the future.

Marriage License and Other Legal Documents for a Drive Thru Wedding

Marriage License: Before you can have a legal drive thru wedding, you will need to obtain a marriage license. The requirements for a marriage license vary by state, so it is important to check with your local county clerk’s office for specific details.

Identification: Both parties will need to provide identification when obtaining the marriage license. Typically, a driver’s license or passport will suffice, but again, it is important to check with your local county clerk’s office to see what forms of identification are acceptable.

Witnesses: Most states require at least two witnesses to be present for the ceremony to be legal. If you are having a drive thru wedding, make sure to check with your chosen venue to see if they can provide witnesses or if you need to bring your own.

Other Legal Documents: In addition to the marriage license, there may be other legal documents that need to be signed and filed, such as a marriage certificate or prenuptial agreement. Again, it is important to check with your local county clerk’s office for specific requirements.

Unique Ideas for Drive Thru Weddings

As we navigate through a global pandemic, many couples have had to get creative with their wedding planning. One trend that has become increasingly popular is the drive-thru wedding. Not only is it a safe option, but it’s also a unique and fun way to tie the knot. In this article, we’ll explore some unique ideas for couples who are considering a drive-thru wedding.

First on the list is the decoration. Just because the wedding is happening in a car doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. Couples can decorate their vehicles with custom car decorations, like ribbons, flowers, and balloons. This will not only make the car stand out, but it will also create a festive atmosphere that’s perfect for the occasion.

Next up is the wedding attire. While traditional wedding dresses and suits may not be the most practical option for a drive-thru wedding, couples can still have fun with their attire. One idea is to wear matching personalized face masks that feature the wedding date or a special message. This is a great way to show off some personality and make the day feel even more special.

Finally, let’s talk about the ceremony itself. While most drive-thru weddings are conducted by a justice of the peace or a similar official, couples can still make the ceremony their own. One unique idea is to include a drive-thru photo booth as part of the wedding experience. This will give couples and their guests the opportunity to snap some fun photos to commemorate the day.

Drive Thru Wedding Reception Ideas

While the wedding ceremony is the main event, the reception is where the real celebration happens. Just because the reception is happening at a distance doesn’t mean it can’t be a memorable experience. Here are some ideas for couples who are planning a drive-thru wedding reception:

  • Food trucks: Hire a food truck or two to provide guests with delicious eats from a safe distance.
  • Virtual toasts: Set up a video conference call with guests so they can give virtual toasts and well-wishes.
  • Drive-thru dessert bar: Create a dessert bar with individual portions that guests can pick up as they drive through.
  • Wedding favors: Prepare personalized favors for guests to take home with them as a memento of the special day.
  • Drive-in movie: If the wedding venue has a large outdoor space, consider setting up a drive-in movie screening as a fun way to end the celebration.

Another unique idea for a drive-thru wedding reception is to incorporate some fun activities. Couples can provide guests with a drive-thru scavenger hunt, where guests have to complete a series of tasks from their cars to win prizes. They could also create a drive-thru photo booth where guests can snap photos with props and decorations without having to leave their cars. By getting creative and thinking outside the box, couples can create a memorable drive-thru wedding reception that their guests will never forget.

Virtual DJSet up a virtual DJ to provide music and entertainment for guests who are attending remotely.$$
Trivia GameCreate a fun trivia game for guests to play from their cars, with prizes for the winners.$
Drive-Thru BarCreate a drive-thru bar where guests can pick up individual cocktails and drinks to enjoy from their cars.$$$
Drive-Thru KaraokeSet up a karaoke station where guests can sing their favorite songs from their cars.$
Photo BoothSet up a drive-thru photo booth where guests can take photos with fun props and decorations.$$

Drive Thru Wedding Photo Ideas

If you’re planning a drive thru wedding, you may be wondering how to capture the special moments with photographs. Here are some unique ideas to make sure your wedding photos are just as memorable as the ceremony itself:

Bring a backdrop: Setting up a backdrop can add an elegant touch to your drive thru wedding photos. Whether you opt for a classic white or something more personalized, a backdrop can give your photos a polished and professional look.

Use props: Props can add some fun and personality to your drive thru wedding photos. Balloons, signs, and floral arrangements are all great options. Consider incorporating props that reflect your personalities or the theme of your wedding.

Play with lighting: Since you’ll be taking photos in your car, lighting can be a challenge. But with some creative thinking, you can make it work. Try using string lights or even headlights to create unique lighting effects. And don’t be afraid to play with shadows and silhouettes.

Alternatively, consider setting up a wedding photo booth at the reception, where guests can take photos of themselves in a fun and creative way. A photo booth can be decorated to fit the theme of your wedding, and you can provide props and backdrops for guests to use.
Photo Booth Prop IdeasBackdrop IdeasLighting Ideas
Chalkboards with cute messagesFloral archesString lights
Party hats and noise makersSparkling sequinsNeon lights
Speech bubblesTropical leavesDisco balls
Face masks and hand sanitizersBoho tapestriesCandles
Flower crowns and sunglassesWooden palletsFairy lights
No matter how you choose to capture your drive thru wedding photos, just remember to have fun with it and make it your own.

Drive Thru Wedding Cake Ideas

Drive thru weddings are the latest trend and with the pandemic, it’s no wonder why couples are opting for this kind of wedding ceremony. One thing that can never be forgotten in any wedding is the cake. Here are some unique cake ideas for your drive thru wedding.

Cupcake tower: Instead of a traditional tiered cake, a cupcake tower is a great alternative. You can have different flavors and decorations, and guests can grab one as they drive by. It’s also easier to distribute and there’s no need to worry about cutting the cake.

Donut wall: A donut wall is another fun and unique idea for your drive thru wedding. It can be decorated to match your wedding theme, and guests can grab a donut or two as they drive by. You can also have a variety of flavors and decorations to choose from.

Personalized cake jars: Cake jars are a great way to give your guests a taste of your wedding cake without worrying about it getting damaged during the drive. You can personalize the jars with your names and the wedding date, and guests can take it home as a souvenir. It’s also a great way to reduce waste since the jars can be reused or recycled.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside the box when it comes to your drive thru wedding cake.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the concept behind a drive thru wedding?

The concept behind a drive thru wedding is to provide a convenient and socially distant way for couples to get married amidst the pandemic. It involves couples driving up to a designated area where they exchange their vows and rings with an officiant, all from the comfort and safety of their vehicles.

How does a drive thru wedding ceremony work?

At a drive thru wedding ceremony, couples remain in their cars while an officiant conducts the wedding ceremony outside. The ceremony is brief and takes around 10-15 minutes to complete, and couples can customize the vows and music as per their preferences. After the ceremony, couples can take photos and enjoy refreshments, all while adhering to social distancing guidelines.

What are the advantages of a drive thru wedding?

Drive thru weddings have numerous advantages, including convenience, affordability, and safety. Couples can get married without the hassle of planning a traditional wedding, and the cost is often much lower. Additionally, drive thru weddings adhere to social distancing guidelines and minimize the risk of virus transmission.

How can couples make their drive thru wedding special?

Couples can make their drive thru wedding special by customizing various aspects of the ceremony. They can choose their preferred music, vows, and decor to create a personalized experience. Additionally, they can incorporate unique elements such as photo booths, cake cuttings, or live streaming the ceremony to friends and family who are unable to attend in person.

Are drive thru weddings legally binding?

Yes, drive thru weddings are legally binding as long as they adhere to the legal requirements of the state or country where the wedding takes place. In the United States, couples need to obtain a marriage license and have an officiant present during the ceremony to make the marriage legal.

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