Where Did Christine Quinn Buy Her Wedding Dress? Discover Her Bridal Look!

When Christine Quinn, one of the stars of the hit show “Selling Sunset,” got married in December 2019, fans were left wondering where she got her show-stopping wedding dress. The real estate agent-turned-reality TV personality is known for her bold and daring fashion choices, so it’s no surprise that her bridal look was nothing short of spectacular.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at where Christine Quinn bought her wedding dress, the designer behind the gown, and how much it cost. Plus, we’ll give you some tips on finding your own dream wedding dress and share some similar styles to Christine’s iconic gown.

Whether you’re planning your own wedding or just love fashion, you won’t want to miss this inside look at Christine Quinn’s stunning bridal style.

Get Inspired by Christine Quinn’s Wedding Dress Style

If you’re a fan of the hit Netflix show “Selling Sunset,” then you’re likely familiar with the fashion-forward Christine Quinn. The reality TV star’s wedding dress was nothing short of iconic, and it has inspired brides-to-be all over the world. But what made her gown so special? Let’s take a closer look.

One of the standout features of Christine’s dress was the black accents. Instead of traditional white or ivory, she opted for a dramatic combination of black and white. This daring move made a bold statement and cemented her status as a fashion icon.

The sheer detailing on Christine’s dress was another eye-catching element. The sheer sleeves and back added a touch of sexiness while still remaining elegant and sophisticated. If you’re looking to add a bit of drama to your bridal look, consider incorporating sheer elements into your gown.

Christine’s dress also had a mermaid silhouette, which hugged her curves in all the right places. This style is perfect for brides who want to show off their figure and make a statement with their dress. Plus, it’s a classic silhouette that will never go out of style.

Lace detailing was another feature that made Christine’s dress so stunning. The intricate lace patterns added a touch of romance and femininity to the overall look. Whether you opt for a full lace gown or just incorporate lace details into your dress, this is a timeless trend that will always be in style.

Lastly, let’s talk about the dramatic train on Christine’s dress. The extra-long train made for some stunning photos and added a touch of royalty to her overall look. While a train this long may not be practical for everyone, it’s certainly a statement-making detail that will leave a lasting impression.

Now that you know what made Christine Quinn’s wedding dress so special, it’s time to start thinking about your own bridal look. Whether you choose to incorporate some of these elements or create a look that’s entirely your own, remember that your wedding dress should make you feel confident, beautiful, and like the star of your own show.

The Details that Made Christine Quinn’s Wedding Dress Stand Out

  1. Color: Christine’s gown was not the traditional white, but a stunning black dress with intricate embroidery and crystals that added a touch of glamor.
  2. Neckline: The deep V-neckline elongated her silhouette and added a sexy touch to the dress.
  3. Train: The train was over 8 feet long and had a unique ombre effect that made the dress even more breathtaking.
  4. Shoulder Pads: Yes, you read that right. Shoulder pads are making a comeback and Christine rocked them on her wedding day!
  5. Accessories: Christine paired her dress with a dramatic black veil, leather gloves, and sparkling jewelry that complemented the overall look.
  6. Designer: The dress was designed by Galia Lahav, an Israeli designer known for her bold and glamorous creations.

The details of Christine’s wedding dress were meticulously crafted, making it a standout piece that left a lasting impression on everyone who saw it. The unexpected black color, unique ombre train, and daring shoulder pads were just a few of the elements that made her dress truly unforgettable.

  • Choose a ball gown or mermaid style dress: Christine Quinn’s wedding dress had a dramatic silhouette that made her stand out. Consider a ball gown or mermaid style dress to achieve a similar effect.

  • Embrace a black wedding dress: Christine’s wedding dress had black tulle accents that added an edgy touch to her bridal look. Consider a black wedding dress or incorporate black details into your dress.

  • Add statement jewelry: Christine’s bold earrings and bracelet elevated her bridal look. Don’t be afraid to incorporate statement jewelry into your wedding outfit to add personality.

  • Choose a high ponytail: Christine’s high ponytail added a modern and sleek element to her overall look. Consider a high ponytail or other modern updo to achieve a similar effect.

  • Consider bold makeup: Christine’s makeup included a bold red lip and smoky eyes, which complemented her wedding dress perfectly. Consider bold makeup choices to complete your bridal look.

If you want to incorporate Christine Quinn’s style into your wedding look, consider incorporating bold elements into your dress, jewelry, hair, and makeup choices. By adding unique touches to your bridal look, you can create a memorable and personalized wedding style that you’ll cherish for years to come.

The Designer Behind Christine Quinn’s Bridal Gown

If you’re a fan of Netflix’s hit show “Selling Sunset,” then you’re probably familiar with the luxurious style of Christine Quinn. She didn’t disappoint when it came to her wedding day, where she wore a stunning black wedding gown that perfectly matched her gothic-themed ceremony. But, who was the mastermind behind this one-of-a-kind dress?

The designer behind Christine Quinn’s bridal gown is none other than Galia Lahav, an Israeli fashion designer who is known for her intricate and luxurious wedding dresses. Lahav has dressed a number of high-profile clients, including Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian, and has been praised for her attention to detail and use of high-quality materials.

Christine Quinn’s wedding dress was a custom design, created specifically for her big day. The gown featured a high-neckline, long sleeves, and a dramatic train that added to its unique and elegant look. The gown also included intricate lace and beaded details, which added to its luxurious feel.

One of the standout features of Christine Quinn’s bridal gown was its black color. This non-traditional choice made a bold statement and perfectly matched the dark, gothic theme of her wedding. Galia Lahav has been praised for her ability to create custom dresses that perfectly match the vision of her clients, and Christine Quinn’s gown is no exception.

If you’re looking for a wedding dress designer who can create a unique, one-of-a-kind gown for your special day, then Galia Lahav is definitely worth considering. With her attention to detail and use of high-quality materials, you can be sure that you’ll receive a dress that is both luxurious and unforgettable.

The designer behind Christine Quinn’s stunning wedding gown is a well-known figure in the bridal fashion industry. With years of experience in the fashion industry, the designer created a masterpiece that will be remembered for years to come.

During the initial stages of the design process, the designer collaborated with Quinn to create a one-of-a-kind dress that would reflect her style and personality. The designer carefully considered every aspect of the dress, from the silhouette to the fabric and embellishments.

The designer’s creative process was intricate and involved. The designer created numerous sketches and fabric swatches to ensure that the dress was perfect. The designer also worked closely with the seamstresses to ensure that every detail was executed to perfection.

The designer’s goal was to create a dress that was both elegant and modern, and Quinn’s dress certainly achieved that. The dress featured a fitted bodice, a voluminous skirt, and a stunning train that cascaded behind her.

The designer’s attention to detail and impeccable craftsmanship resulted in a dress that was nothing short of magical. It’s no wonder that Christine Quinn’s wedding dress has become such a topic of conversation among brides-to-be.

How Much Did Christine Quinn’s Wedding Dress Cost?

One of the most commonly asked questions about Christine Quinn’s wedding dress is its cost. Rumors circulated that it cost up to $1 million, but that has not been confirmed by the designer.

The custom-made dress features a fitted silhouette with a plunging neckline and a voluminous skirt made of layers of tulle and organza. The intricate hand-embroidered details and the 20-foot train added to the overall grandeur of the dress.

It’s no secret that celebrity wedding dresses often come with hefty price tags, and Christine Quinn’s is no exception. However, without an official statement from the designer, we can only speculate about the actual cost of the dress.

Regardless of the price, there’s no denying that Christine Quinn looked stunning on her wedding day, and her dress will undoubtedly continue to inspire brides for years to come.

The Price Tag of Christine Quinn’s Wedding Gown

Christine Quinn’s wedding dress was undoubtedly a statement piece that left many wondering about its cost. The question on everyone’s mind is, how much did it cost?

Well, the answer is not straightforward. The exact cost of the dress has not been disclosed publicly, but rumors suggest it could be anywhere between $200,000 to $1 million.

The dress is undoubtedly a work of art, and the intricate details and custom fabrication undoubtedly contributed to its high cost. However, it’s important to note that the dress’s price is not necessarily reflective of everyone’s wedding budget. You can still find a beautiful dress that fits your budget and style.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you feel beautiful and confident on your wedding day, and that doesn’t necessarily require breaking the bank. With some creativity and research, you can find a dress that makes you feel like a million bucks without spending that much.

Similar Dresses to Christine Quinn’s Wedding Gown

If you’re a fan of Christine Quinn’s unique bridal style, there are plenty of similar dresses to choose from that can help you achieve a similar look. Here are some options:

Bold Ballgowns

If you loved the drama of Christine’s voluminous skirt, consider a bold ballgown. Look for styles with lots of tulle or layers of chiffon for a similar effect.

Embellished Dresses

If you admired the intricate details of Christine’s gown, consider an embellished dress with beading, lace, or embroidery. Look for styles with unique embellishments on the bodice or sleeves.

High-Low Hemlines

If you loved the unique hemline of Christine’s gown, consider a high-low dress. Look for styles with a shorter front hem and a longer back hem to create a similar silhouette.

Bold Color Choices

If you loved the non-traditional color of Christine’s gown, consider a bold color choice for your own wedding dress. Look for dresses in shades of red, blue, pink, or even black for a unique twist.

Sheer Fabrics

If you admired the ethereal quality of Christine’s gown, consider a dress with sheer fabrics. Look for styles with illusion necklines, sleeves, or backs for a similar effect.

With so many options available, you’re sure to find a dress that fits your personal style and budget while still incorporating elements of Christine Quinn’s stunning bridal look.

Stunning Wedding Dresses with Puffy Sleeves like Christine Quinn’s

Christine Quinn’s wedding gown with its dramatic puffy sleeves has inspired many brides-to-be to incorporate this style into their own bridal look. If you’re looking for similar options, consider these gorgeous wedding dresses with puffy sleeves:

  • Ballgown Wedding Dress: A ballgown wedding dress with puffy sleeves gives a regal feel and is perfect for a fairy-tale wedding.
  • Lace Wedding Dress: Lace wedding dresses with puffy sleeves add a touch of romance and elegance to your bridal look.
  • Off-the-shoulder Wedding Dress: An off-the-shoulder wedding dress with puffy sleeves is a great way to show off your collarbone while keeping your arms covered.
  • Vintage Wedding Dress: A vintage-inspired wedding dress with puffy sleeves gives a timeless and classic look that never goes out of style.
  • Boho Wedding Dress: For a more relaxed and laid-back bridal look, consider a boho wedding dress with puffy sleeves, perfect for an outdoor or beach wedding.

Whether you choose a ballgown, lace, off-the-shoulder, vintage-inspired, or boho wedding dress, a puffy sleeve adds a touch of drama and elegance to your bridal look. It’s the perfect way to channel your inner princess and make a statement on your big day.

Christine Quinn’s wedding gown was undoubtedly stunning with its unique silhouette. If you’re looking for a dress with a similar style, consider the following options:

Dress DesignerUnique Silhouette DetailsPrice Range
Maggie SotteroBallgown with asymmetrical draping and floral appliques$1,000-$2,000
Vera WangTrumpet silhouette with detachable train and ruffled tulle skirt$5,000-$15,000
Martina LianaFit and flare silhouette with a detachable off-the-shoulder lace overlay$3,000-$6,000

If you’re on a budget, Maggie Sottero has several options with unique silhouettes under $2,000. For those looking to splurge, Vera Wang and Martina Liana offer high-end options with dramatic and unique silhouettes.

When trying on dresses, be open to different styles and silhouettes to find the perfect dress that fits your body and personality. Don’t be afraid to try on dresses that are different from what you originally had in mind!

Remember, the most important thing is to feel confident and beautiful on your wedding day. Whether you choose a dress with a unique silhouette or a traditional ballgown, make sure it reflects your personal style and makes you feel your best.

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips from Christine Quinn’s Stylist

Shopping for the perfect wedding dress can be overwhelming, but with these tips from Christine Quinn’s stylist, you’ll be sure to find the dress of your dreams.

Know your budget. Before you start shopping, it’s important to have a clear idea of how much you want to spend on your dress.

Do your research. Look at different designers and styles to get an idea of what you like before you start trying on dresses.

Be open-minded. Don’t be afraid to try on dresses that may not be what you initially had in mind. You might be surprised by what looks great on you.

Trust your instincts. When you find the right dress, you’ll know it. Don’t let anyone pressure you into choosing a dress you’re not 100% sure about.

Have fun! Wedding dress shopping should be a fun and exciting experience. Don’t forget to enjoy the process and celebrate finding your dream dress!

How to Choose a Wedding Dress that Reflects Your Personal Style

Start by researching different styles and fabrics to get an idea of what you like and what looks good on your body type. Online resources and bridal magazines can be a great help in this process.

Consider the venue and time of day for your wedding when selecting a dress. A beach wedding calls for a lighter, flowy dress while a formal church wedding may require a more structured gown.

Don’t be afraid to try on different styles, even ones you didn’t think you’d like. It’s important to keep an open mind and be willing to step out of your comfort zone.

  1. Choose a dress that highlights your best features and makes you feel confident and beautiful.
  2. Bring along a trusted friend or family member to provide honest feedback during your dress shopping experience.
  3. Consider the cost of alterations and accessories when budgeting for your dress.

Remember, your wedding dress should ultimately reflect your personal style and make you feel like the best version of yourself on your special day.

Find Your Dream Wedding Dress Like Christine Quinn

Searching for the perfect wedding dress can be overwhelming, but taking inspiration from brides like Christine Quinn can make the process easier.

Start by determining your personal style and the theme of your wedding. Then, consider the silhouette, fabric, and embellishments that will make you feel beautiful and confident on your big day.

Visit bridal boutiques and try on a variety of styles to see what looks best on you. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something unexpected.

Remember that alterations can be made to achieve the perfect fit and add personal touches to make your dress unique. And most importantly, choose a dress that makes you feel like the best version of yourself.

How to Shop for a Wedding Dress that Fits Your Budget

Shopping for a wedding dress can be one of the most exciting parts of planning your big day, but it can also be stressful, especially if you have a budget to stick to. The good news is that you can still find your dream dress without breaking the bank.

Start by doing your research and setting a budget that you’re comfortable with. Once you know your budget, look for sales or discounts at bridal shops, or consider shopping online for a wider range of options.

Another way to save money is to consider buying a pre-owned dress or renting one. Many brides sell their dresses after their wedding, so you may be able to find a gently used dress for a fraction of the original price.

Tips on Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress Silhouette for Your Body Type

Every bride wants to look stunning on her wedding day, and finding the perfect wedding dress silhouette can make all the difference.

Step 1: Determine your body type. Whether you have an hourglass figure, apple shape, pear shape, or rectangle shape, there’s a dress silhouette that will flatter your figure.

Step 2: Research different dress silhouettes. From A-line to ballgown, mermaid to sheath, there are a variety of dress shapes to choose from.

Step 3: Try on different dress silhouettes. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and try on dresses that you wouldn’t normally choose. You might be surprised at what looks best on you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the designer of Christine Quinn’s wedding dress?

Christine Quinn’s wedding dress was designed by designer Galicja. The dress features a fitted bodice, a mermaid silhouette, and puffy sleeves.

What inspired the design of Christine Quinn’s wedding dress?

The design of Christine Quinn’s wedding dress was inspired by the iconic wedding gown worn by Princess Diana. The gown was a representation of the 80s era and was created with the aim of creating a fairytale-like dress.

How much did Christine Quinn’s wedding dress cost?

The exact cost of Christine Quinn’s wedding dress has not been disclosed, but it’s rumored to cost around $1 million. The dress features luxurious materials such as silk and lace, which add to its expensive look.

Did Christine Quinn have any input in the design of her wedding dress?

Christine Quinn was actively involved in the design process of her wedding dress. She worked closely with the designer to create a dress that embodied her personal style and the fairytale-like theme of her wedding.

Is it possible to find a similar wedding dress to Christine Quinn’s at a more affordable price?

Yes, it is possible to find a similar wedding dress to Christine Quinn’s at a more affordable price. Many designers and retailers offer dresses inspired by the fairytale-like design of her dress. It’s important to research and compare prices to find the best deal.

What accessories did Christine Quinn wear with her wedding dress?

Christine Quinn wore a custom-made headpiece and earrings designed by the same designer as her wedding dress, Galicja. The headpiece was a crown-like design with pearls and crystals, while the earrings featured large diamonds and pear-shaped drops.

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